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I Creative Economy for Development International Forum

 Brazilian Minister Gilberto Gil: "WIPO can not ignore the emergency of a new thought and cooperative ways of stimulating creation" Thursday 30 November 2006 Last Tuesday, the 28th of November,  World Culture Forum  had as its main activity the  I Creative Economy for Development International Forum . The  Centre for Technology and Society  (CTS) of  Fundação Getúlio Vargas Law School  was represented on the  Intellectual Property Rights and Development  symposium and on the  IP Rights and Multilateral Agreements: What’s Next?  workshop. With the participation of the Brazilian Minister of Culture Gilberto Gil, Professor Ronaldo Lemos ( Creative Commons Brazil  and  CTS ), Richard Owens ( WIPO , Geneve), John Howkins (writer and consultant on TV, film and creative economy, UK), Sérgio Sá Leitão ( Brazilian Development Bank  - BNDES, Brazil), Garry Neil ( International Network for Cultural Diversity , Canada) and Joxean Fernández ( UNESCO , Uruguay), the  Intellectual Property