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Brazilian intervention at TRIPS Council: ACTA

  According to press releases, the negotiating process of ACTA is virtually concluded. Statements released by authorities from the countries participating in the ACTA negotiations pointed that a few points only would still remain open and those points would not prevent a final agreement from being reached soon. Brazil shares the main thrust of the concerns expressed by other delegations this week at the last session of the TRIPS Council and on the possible negative impact of ACTA. The following statement was delivered by Brazil: “Let me give you four reasons why Brazil has a good deal of concern of  its own regarding ACTA. I will confine myself to four reasons. But I  could expand that list much further. Reason # 1. ACTA may affect the balance of rights and obligations embodied in the international intellectual property system between rights holders, on  the one hand, and third parties who are users of protected goods and services, on the other. Reason # 2. Brazil favors multilateralis